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It is tough not to talk about electricity nowadays. It is all around us, it is powering our cell phones; street lights and our cars and is present in the untouched nature. It is a big part of our modern world but its importance is expanding at alarming speed. Hence, since 2008 electricity has been introduced in the automobile industry by the famous Tesla. For those who don’t know Tesla, Tesla is an American automaker energy storage that manufactures cars solemnly based on electric powered cars. Even when you try to forget about electricity it will still be present in nature and even in our body. In the following article I will elaborate on how electricity and renewable energy platforms such as e-electricity can jumpstart the African economic development.When we talk about the youngest and fastest growing population in the world we talk about Africa. African has almost 200 million people of age between 15 and 24. It is expected that before 2045 the African population gets multiplies by two and exceeds China’s and India’s. With this being said Africa has an unprecedented chance to see the light at take a swing at become a stable and have a more efficient economic development and fight against poverty. However, in order to that African nations have to be able to support the creation of new electrical tenders and business opportunities to answer and supply the big gap between the great available demand and the missing supply.Here are four ways how electrical energy can ignite the African economic development:

  1. The introduction to power expands the variety of business job availability. Meaning the creation of new jobs such as welders, hair salons internet installations.
  2. Cost impact by power shortage on businesses. A power shortage can last from a few hours to couple of days, usually companies have backup generators but they can only be there a short limited time. When a company experiences a power shortage it means they will not be operating, firms lose on average six percent of sales revenue and sometimes go even to twenty percent.
  3. Power allows the extension of business hours. Shops will not shut depending on when it gets dark, especially knowing that in certain countries of Africa night time is relatively longer than daytime. Electrical power will allow business owner to install light sources which will allow them to start working whenever they want and stop at their preferred time too.
  4. Last but not least, electricity provides businesses but also individual with internet and online information. This is a huge deal the internet is the biggest platform on earth where business opportunities are found. It provides owner with vital guidance on for example how to run the business operations and who is the completion on the local and international scale. It also allows business to merge together making it one big effective efficient community working for the same objective and to help the economic development of their beloved African continent.

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