Road safety and driving

Contrary to what most people think, road safety is a collective responsibility. In this case, the pedestrian has to learn the basic road safety rules and adhere to them when walking or crossing roads. Similarly, motorists have to be conversant with all the necessary road signs and should thus be able to drive carefully. The government also has a role to play matter.

Expectedly, nobody ever wants to be responsible for an accident that could have been avoided in the first place; because first of all, road accidents are expensive as fatal cases can lead to loss of lives while at the same time can be expensive for survivors. So to avoid these road misfortunes, we all have to know the road safety rules and regulations and follow each one of them diligently anytime we use our roads.

Use roads signs

Roads signs or traffic signs are signs placed along the road to provide guidance on road usage. You will often find these signs placed on the side or above the road where roads users can see them.

The importance of road signs is that they provide instructions to all road users on how to use the roads at a particular point and time. The sidewalks often have signs showing that they are only meant for pedestrians and not for motorists. In the case of motorists, various signs are often placed on the road to guide them on how fast to drive, and when and where to turn. There are also signs that warn motorists especially in the case of a sharp bend, blind curve, slippery road, etc.

Be familiar with traffic sign symbols and letters

While authorities try their best to make roads signs as decipherable as possible, not all of them are written clearly to mean what they indicate. Most roads signs contain letters or just symbols which roads users have to be conversant with. Otherwise, they endanger not only their lives but also that of other road users and properties within their range.

Get the necessary qualifications

The DVLA has set up mechanisms to ensure public safety for all road users; this is in reference to driving licences. To ensure that only trained and qualified persons are driving on the public roads, the DVLA requires that individuals undergo a driving course and pass the necessary driving tests (the theory and practical driving test) afterward before they can be issued a licence to drive. Only these can guarantee that our drivers on the roads know and understand the basics and importance of road safety.

Note; most people think that taking a driving course and passing the test is cumbersome. Well, it is not cumbersome and not easy either. You have to put to understand all the tenets of the course, book the test on time, sit for these tests and pass with flying colors. Once you do this, you can then claim your driving licence and hit the road in no time.

As you do this, always keep in mind that road safety is OUR responsibility. The DVLA alongside its stakeholders have their part to play in ensuring this, however, on the other hand, all road users also have their roles to play. So if you are a motorist or an aspiring one, book theory test today, to show your commitment towards road safety responsibility.


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