iMAX B6AC Battery Balance Charger Review

This merchandise is for a quick charger/discharger for all sort of battery of RC hobby, with built-in balancer to get lipo battery. Battery this charger can charges that,Lipo / Li-ion / LiFe / NiMh / / NiCad / / Pb / Lead Acid

Release power 5W

The general size of this charger is compact and nice also…in 5.3 x 5.7 inches, so it is small enough to throw into your equipment bag.

High-power and high performance circuit

The iMAX B6AC by SkyRC, is a high performance imax b6ac charger and charging station which operates with almost all RC battery kinds.

Overall electricity is 50 watts.

charge power 50W

An aluminum casing makes for a great excellent feel.

Maximen security: Delta-peak sensitivity, Ability limitation, processing time limitation, tempreture limitation, enter power track

Bundle weight: 778g

The charger works on both AC & DC current…and all required charging wires are included.

Charge present range : 0.1~5.0A

Colour: Bright blue

It has to be bought individually.

The charger which came with it was a little thing that rc battery charger my LiPo battery contributes.

You really cannot go wrong using this battery charger to your LiPos.

1 * English guide

Simple to use, and trustworthy

1 * IMAX B6AC LiPo battery equilibrium charger (Built in Power Supply)

They’ve a nice feedback when you press on them.

Constructed temperature detector

It leads acid batteries and may manage lithium poly/ion batteries around 6 cells up.

And compared

Tracking the voltage of person mobile

When I initially obtained my quadcopter, it took FOREVER to control my LiPo batteries.

I highly suggest the AC model, making it more versatile although there are DC variations of this iMAX B6 available.

Separate voltage sensor for equilibrium charge style

Monitor charging stats & place the programming using a micro-USB cable attached to a PC and also the free Charge Master controller program.

Double Power, built in AC adapter

The charger includes a 2 amp maximum discharge present plus a 6 amp maximum charge current.

A feature that is cool but requires

Battery split in and biking

Present drain for Assessing Li-Po : 300mAh/cell

You can control and monitor the process.

This can be a multiple electricity supply charger, meaning that it may be plugged in to your wall or it can be hooked up to a vehicle battery out in the area.

Menus and the buttons are placed and easy to navigate.

I didn’t have some idea what the charging current has been or what the cell voltages were.

Shop Feature, enables safe storage present, and information storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)

I could release my LiPo

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