How the groin pain occurs and how it can be treated

Groin area is the part of a body, which starts where the abdomen ends, and legs start. This is a very sensitive and fragile part of the body and remains at risk all the time.  This area is based on five muscles including adductor brevis, adductor longus, Adductor Magnus, gracilis, and pectineus. The problem with groin area is that it gets hurt very easily and the pain keeps increasing with time if it does not get treatments. It is a very common issue especially in men but most men feel embarrassed about it and they do not like to talk about groin pain. They do not understand the fact that if they would keep ignoring this pain, it can lead to some serious health issue.

There can be many reasons for groin pain. Most common reason can be a pull on the strained muscle. If you would move these muscles too forcefully and suddenly, it can result in muscle pull in the groin. Most people who are involved in a sport where they need to do same activity again and again, it can result in groin pain. This happens mostly to those men who do jumping and running a lot. Everyone knows that jumping is an exercise in which the performer jumps up and down and this put pressure on the knee and muscles of the upper thigh. The jumping results into muscle pull when by mistake or unfortunately the person put muscle in one leg suddenly or if the foot goes on wrong feet. Runners also go through this problem especially if they take a run on the uneven or rough surface.

It is not that this happens only to jumpers or runners. This can happen to any person who does same activity again and again. People whose job is to pull and push heavy object are also in danger of going through this problem. Soccer and football are the sports in which the player uses his legs and feet a lot and that can result in a pain in the groin.

Different people can go through different conditions when they have groin muscle pull. For example, some people feel discomfort and pain when they put their legs together. Some people feel pain in the groin and near the thigh all the time. Those people who have a groin muscle pull also have a problem in raising their knee. Sometimes when this injury occurs, people feel popping and snapping.

It is a very good idea to go to the doctor as soon as the injury occurs. However, if the situation is not bad rest and relaxing the muscle can help. If that does not work, doctors suggest different kinds of creams and gels for the pain. Doctors suggest some painkillers too. If the problem is very serious and the painkiller drugs and gels are not working, the doctor suggests therapy for groin pain treatment.  Different doctors give different therapies. There are some hot and cold therapies to treat this problem. There are some other therapies which include exercises and some light massage.

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