The hp proliant dl380g7 server


Proliant is a line of server computers manufactured by HP that includes the hp proliant dl380g7 server. Proliant was originally developed by Compaq. Compaq later merged with Hewlett-Packard and adopted the Proliant name in favor over the previous Netserver brand.

Proliant servers have four main product lines: SL, ML, BL and DL. The DL is the density line. They are rack-based servers that strive to balance density and computing power. It is more of a general-purpose line compared to the others. Several series (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900) denote processor configuration. The 300 series is comprised of single and dual socket capabilities. The higher 500 and 600 series offer quad socket capable systems. The highest series, 800 and 900, comprise eight socket capable systems. Models with the last digit ending in a ‘0’ come with Intel processors as opposed to AMD processors.

Rackmount servers like the hp proliant dl380g7 server are placed in a downright horizontal rack instead upright tower. This configuration provides the ability to install more than one server in the rack. These servers collectively host, manage and execute as data centers or as an enterprise application. Because rackmounts can hold multiple servers, they save space and other server resources.

The energy efficient hp proliant dl380 g7 server is quite versatile with a high storage capacity and expansion potential. It comes with the new iLO3 embedded controller. This is new for Proliants. It is a wonderful feature for those interested in remote management. The remote control is eight times faster and the virtual media services are three times faster in the iLO3 than its predecessor the iLO2. It appears that the integrated Windows remote console was designed to be more easily scaled for use with multiple monitors.

DL servers like the hp proliant dl380g7 server work best for businesses. They handle email, visualization, networking and messaging well. For a small device, they are equipped with a decent amount of computing power. DL 300 series are great for enterprise data centers and sophisticated SMB environments. With this server, HP is attempting to take its flagship SMB platform to the next level. It comes with four GB NIC ports and six PCI expansion slots. It comes with several flexible storage options and the hp proliant dl380g7 server allows the SMB the ability to deploy storage options based on the application and its requirements. All these features make this server a multi-purpose workhorse. Small and medium business will find they have all the connectivity and expansion options they could hope for.

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