A Glimpse Of The Power Of The Healing School

Living in this world that we are faced with different diseases and us as humans who are prone to these several diseases and conditions. Usually, brings fears and poses the question is there any hope for mankind. How would we be able to stand tall to these plagues that have to befall humanity? Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world that’s why the healing school of Pastor Chris comes to give you this good news that with God there is nothing impossible. The school is an international ministry which has the responsibility or rather has taken the onus to take healing to the nations, as a directive of our lord and savior to go out and heal the sick and all that are heavy laden to give you rest.

The ministry is not a work of one man but has a partnership with several individuals and corporate Institute, to help bring this vision into actualization. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has created this medium in which persons can actually be a partaker in the working of God miraculous power.

The school which takes God’s healing power to the nations usually occurs each year with healing sessions organized in Johannesburg, South Africa and also in Toronto, Canada where there are several testimonies of healings and miracles usually in thousands in an atmosphere of faith.

The school is an avenue to stir up your faith to see the power of Jesus Christ in your situation. It is a means to come to the awareness that you have the life of God in you which makes your body impenetrable and resistant to diseases, sicknesses, and any infirmity. Having the assurance that the life of God,( the Zoë life )is in you and is active. And by knowing this you ought to live in dominion over whatever circumstances life may throw at you, in Jesus name, Amen. There is also the school’s cyber church which serves as a podium for online users to come together as a community which is aimed at helping build up the faith of individuals toward God through an uplifting and interactive meeting which holds weekly.

If you wish to attend, the school is free; absolutely no charges however, there are basic requirements that a person must meet to be given a confirmation to attend which is a proof of your illness. This is a prerequisite for you to attend which can be done by coming along with a medical report and any other pieces of evidence that support the claim like your medical prescription, medications and so on. Which you would also undergo physical verification. Due to the fact that it is organized in Johannesburg South Africa and Toronto Canada acquiring a visa for countries who need it to get in these two countries getting a visa is by getting a letter of invitation which contains details of the program you are about to attend, venue and date of the program. The letter of invitation can be gotten by requesting for an invitation via an email with your medical report attached. The school sessions run from 9 am to 3 pm daily with an hour break, with all student to attend all the classes of the healing school spending a minimum of 18 days from the day of orientation.

Regardless of all the formalities that may be required this school is actually a medium to see highly motivated individuals who love to see the hard work of God in the lives of people to give blessing, deliverances and hope to persons in need to show that God loves and care for them.

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