Smoothie blenders, unlike the food processor or normal blenders are used to make thick beverage which is simply liked and adored by everyone of us. One can make different and unique smoothie using the smoothie blenders. Tasty and healthy smoothie for kid’s, Vitamins and mineral rich green smoothie for Adults and traditional taste smoothie for elder people can be made using smoothie blenders.

Smoothie Blenders:

The smoothie blenders, resembling a mixer grinder or a blender in appearance is widely used in smoothie preparation. In market we may find Best smoothie Blenders which depends upon our needs.

Which is Best Smoothie Blender for You?

Before searching in the market which is the Best smoothie blender, we must first analyze which one will be the best for our use. Based upon the features we may have many smoothie blenders available. But which one is best for us. This is an important question which has to be answered before selecting the Best smoothies Blender for our use. Hence to mitigate or help to answer the above question we lay the following checklist:


  • Budget: This is the first checklist. The smoothie blender which you are going to afford must be up to your budget.
  • Warranty period: The product must have appreciable warranty period such that the wear and tear loss can be compensated.
  • Motor: It is the main part of the blender. How fast the motor is that fast the blending is. It also must use less power for its function.
  • Blending controls: The best smoothie blender must be equipped with 3 to 4 types of blending control.
  • Miscellaneous: Durability, number of servings, jar material type, Ease of maintenance.

Best smoothie blender for different type of smoothie:

  • Best green smoothie blender:

The Ninja Mega Kitchen system is best smoothie blender for preparing green smoothie. Green smoothies are prepared using vegetables as smoothie ingredients. Hence called as green smoothie.

  • Best fruit smoothie blender:

Ninja Pro BL 660 is best smoothie blender for making fruit smoothie. Simple in handling and cheap in price this is highly used by many people.

  • Best Ice smoothie blender:

Vitamix 5200 series blender are awesome to prepare ice smoothies. Classic in appearance and has high performance blenders. Its unique blade system makes it to crush ice into flakes.

List of best smoothie blender available in the market:

In order to make you smoothie best, you must use best smoothie blender. Following is the list of Best smoothie blenders along with the reason why they are considered as best:

  1. Ninja professional Blender:
    • Durability
    • Cheap price.
    • Unique pattern of blade arrangement.
  1. Nutri Bullet pro blender:
  • Unique design.
  • Quick and easy maintenance.
  • Very convenient and good quality.
  1. Vitamix 750 Pro Heritage Blender:
  • 2 horsepower motor.
  • Less storage space is needed.
  • Less noise and blades made of stainless steel.


  1. Ninja Smoothie Blender.
  • Best for green smoothie preparation.
  • Power needed to work is very less.
  • High quality and ease of maintenance.


  1. Magic bullet Nutribullet Blender:
  • Very convenient.
  • Cheap price.
  • Ease of maintenance
  1. Ninja nutria ninja BL450:
  • Better performance.
  • Small in size but high in quality.
  • Very effective and makes less servings.
  1. Oster versa performance Blender:
  • Multi-tasking blender.
  • Any ingredients can be used.
  • Affordable price tags.
  1. Vitamix 7500:
  • Best high end blender.
  • Very simple and can be used easily.
  • Powerful blenders ever known.
  1. Breville Hemisphere control Blender:
  • Replaces the mixer or food processor.
  • Multi-tasking in function.
  • High quality motor.
  1. Hamilton Beach Smoothie smart blender:
  • Awesome choice for basic blending needs.
  • In built touch screen and single serving options.
  • Motor that works efficiently with less noise.
  1. Ninja Ultima lender BL810:
  • Has different blading system for Whisk, dough, hook and dough paddle applications.
  • High rate of performance.
  • Cheap in price.
  1. Wildside blenders:
  • Less power consumption, power pack performance.
  • Automatic light on off system, when the blender is in use.
  • Available with sliding sensor.
  1. Speed diamond blender:
  • Champ like blending performance.
  • 670 Watt motor and five speed action.
  • Blending jar made of BPA free plastic.

To find and select best smoothie blenders, one must first analyze his need and then move on to afford the smoothie blender.



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