Want to Know What Google Searches Wanted in 2017?

Won’t it be interesting to know the top Google searches in the year 2017? As per the Google Trends Year in Search 2017 list which was released recently, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X was found at the position number 2 and the position number 3 respectively, if we talk of the overall searches on the Google this year. It was obviously ranked at number 1 position and number 2 position respectively if we limit ourselves in the consumer tech search category.

These ranks are based on the search terms which recorded a peak in traffic in the year 2017 as compared to the past year of 2016.

The much talked about crypto, Bitcoin, was found at the position number 2 in the global news searches. The position number 3 was also found to be about Bitcoin, to be precise, it was “how to buy bitcoin” among the category of “how to searches” done by the users on the Google in 2017.

Talking about the most frequently used consumer tech search terms, they were the Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xbox One X. They were positioned at the third, fourth and fifth place respectively. The name of the Nintendo Switch in the top list was shocking for the principal analyst at the Enderle Group, Rob Enderle. He shared that he was considering the handheld gaming-focused devices as dead many years before. He further said that the Nintendo Switch has shown that the concepts could revert from the dead pieces. Hence, what looked like a crippled tablet to him, which was not supporting the things like the other tabs, seems like the people are fond of this gaming device.

In fact, Enderle was expecting The Last Jedi to be part of the list but realized that it came out too late to get enough search volumes to cross the search volumes of the things like Xbox X or other smartphones.

Bitcoin though did not come as much of a surprise. This coin has been hugely hyped recently in the media. It has also been named as the next universal currency which also has a potential to hedge against government debt default. It is not surprising to have Bitcoin as a part of the list because the general public is talking too much about it. As per various experts, the inclination towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing so much that the price of the bitcoin may cross $1 million mark soon.

People are going crazy to know that some people who invested in Bitcoin with meager $100 US are today multimillionaires. And it is not surprising that anything that adopts gets rich quickly route always garners a lot of attention.

These search result statistics also show us the future trends, but the same may not be said for the tech products, due to the technological advancements. It is predicted that in 2018, people will look for something that will make them rich, and they will also follow some hot consumer devices too.

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