In today’s busy world, everyone is busy in his or her job or household stuff. People do not have enough time to spend it with their families. Also, the trend of having nuclear families is increasing distances between the families. People nowadays, connect with their friends or famly members only through mobile phones when they are on a bus or are not working at their desks.

Working parents do not have enough time to devote to their toddlers so that they can interact with them or make them quiet when they are crying for something. Thereby they provide a phone in their little hands to keep them busy, which has both a positive and negative impact on those young ones.

All about parenting

Parenting itself is not an easy task as when you are parenting a child that cannot speak up what he wants i.e. a newborn baby it is very difficult to tackle such a situation. Therefore, in order to work accordingly, new parents need to go through some parenting apps or books that can help them understand how to tackle certain situations without getting irritated and maintaining patience.


Applications for parenting

  1. Totspot: The perfect place where the parents can purchase baby clothes onlinenot only clothes but accessories and even shoes all are available here. All they need to do is just create a profile for their kid with all the details regarding your child such as the age of the child, shoe size, cloth size and gender so that it can serve you with the best stocks available according to your choice.

The plus point with this application is that the shipping cost is not much and if you refer this app to your friends and family, you earn cash for that. In addition to this, parents can set a reminder on the app that will remind you that you have booked something for your kiddo!

  1. WeatherBug: WeatherBug is another important application that helps new parents improves. Sometimes during the weekend’s people plan to go on a drive or near a park so that their kid may enjoy some change in his environment. However, before doing so it is wise to check the weather outside because you are taking your little one with you. Therefore, what this app does is it tells you about any chances of lightning in your area or nearby area. As lightning sometimes is very deadly and it is good to cancel, the plan and stay at home instead of taking a risk otherwise.
  2. com: It is another app in which you get to visualize your child’s activity and you have access to all the smart devices even when you are not at home. This is very helpful in monitoring your child’s activities also their safety at home.
  3. Total baby pro: It is another amazing app for new a parent that keeps a complete record of their child vaccines, diaper change, an appointment with the doctor or pediatrician etc.
  4. VideoMonster: Another app helps parents to collect some videos that are useful for their children to grow. Grow in terms of values i.e. it contains video that is already set according to children age and helps them in learning while visualizing. As we retain visuals for a longer period.

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