What Makes HD CCTV Systems Better Than the Conventional CCTV Systems?

HD (High Definition) security cameras with 1080p video resolution are becoming very popular due to the better picture quality they provide and also because they have become quite affordable in past some time. It is the affordability factor that motivates the new buyers to go for it. It also persuades those already having a conventional CCTV system to replace it with HD systems. Irrespective of whether you buy conventional cameras or HD CCTV systems, it’s important to look for good quality ones that are not susceptible to any security breach.

Here are a few reasons besides affordable pricing why HD CCTV systems are better than the conventional CCTV systems.

Small Difference in Pricing but Huge in Resolution

The price of HD CCTV systems has reduced to such an extent that only a small price difference exists between it and the conventional systems. The resolution difference, on the other hand, is huge as the conventional systems normally have 960 x 480 pixels as against the HD systems, which have 1920 x 1280 pixels. Thus, the clarity of images in HD systems is much better than the conventional CCTC systems even if viewed on the same monitor.

 Facial and Number Plate Recognition

When the need to identify details in the image comes, high definition camera has a huge advantage. It’s possible to identify faces and read number plates in HD because of the clearly recorded images rather than in conventional cameras of low resolution.

Same Coax Cable Can Be Used

The IP cameras came into existence around 2007, but their high cost and difficult setup restricted their popularity despite offering a very good resolution. Then came HD-SDI in 2010 in the surveillance industry, but it also had limited acceptance. The AHD cameras seem to tackle those issues head on that was holding back the HD cameras to take over from conventional ones. It allowed the users to use the same coax cable that they have been using in their conventional CCTV and also for the same maximum distance. This motivated the people to switch to HD cameras as they provide much better picture quality than the traditional ones.

Today, video surveillance systems are found everywhere as installing these cameras provide peace of mind as one feels safe and secure. With HD cameras, you can be assured of clearer footages in high resolution. So, it makes sense to invest a little more on HD CCTV systems.