Although Total AV has had its ups and downs, it’s considered to be a good antivirus solution nowadays. Let’s find out why.

Firstly, the SAVAPI anti-malware engine can spot and block more viruses and malware. There have been several other quality changes, too. Today, we’ll discuss them all in the Total AV review below.

General facts one has to know

Total AV Antivirus is very simple and compatible. It runs on most operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. The dedicated mobile apps carry fewer features but can come in handy as well.

The installation process is not time-consuming. Once the software is unpacked, it takes a couple of minutes. Then a user gets access to a selection of features. Every user gets malware protection in combination with other tools. The latter differ based on the version and the price category.

Nowadays, malware protection from Total AV is treated as excellent. It’s the biggest advantage of the software as it provides a great browsing experience. The software is designed to shield the device and its data from malware, viruses, and other online threats.

Total AV combines artificial intelligence and the cloud-based database to secure complete protection. Using antivirus scans, a user can also examine folders and files on the PC to eliminate Trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware, and other online dangers.

A variety of protection tools in Total AV

  1. Anti-malware tools stop viruses and remove other malware threats;
  2. The software comes with anti-spyware tools. They protect sensitive data like passwords, banking details, etc.;
  3. Webcam protection enhances privacy if it comes as a part of the bundle;
  4. Real-time protection works in the background monitoring the system for potential suspicious activities proactively blocking them;
  5. Web protection keeps tabs on the sites a user visits as well as the downloaded files. The tool aims to prevent viruses from getting to the device in the first place;
  6. A VPN adds another layer of protection and increases anonymity online.
  7. A password manager is a very widespread addition to different antivirus programs. It guards one’s passcodes against third-party sources;
  8. It’s possible to schedule customized scans at a convenient time.

Additional features one can get

Since the antivirus provider offers several options, every user can pick something suitable for his device and budget. Aside from the features discussed above, the bundles may offer a personal firewall, identity protection tools, a safe browser, etc. Optimization tools can come as well.

The most luxurious bundle has a VPN and covers smartphones, too. While the app is quite limited in features, it comes in handy. Using it, a user can clean up the device from duplicate photos and junk files.

Recent scores from the independent lab tests

Total AV is regularly tested by such independent labs as AV-Test and Virus Bulletin. The recent results show that the SAVAPI engine detects 100% malware. What’s more, most experts agree that this software has very good URL filters. Virus Bulletin gave the program VB100 for excellent results.

Value for the money

The price category is average. Users get an affordable solution and a selection of extras. However, when using a promotion offer, one has to be attentive to avoid future surprises.

Customer support

Total AV has 24/7 customer support. One can easily get in touch with a specialist via a live chat. It has recently added Priority Support that eliminates the need to wait for one’s turn and get all the issues resolved in no time.

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