Following the statistics, cybersecurity is one of the priorities of 2022 for businesses worldwide. Both antiviral software and firewall are mechanisms used as security measures on computer networks. Here is more about their significance for business.

How do antivirus modules work?

For the last two years, the digitalization of all businesses has been developing faster than ever before. The pandemic significantly affected it, by which companies started massively creating digital products. It can be mobile banking, an online store app, or a system for remote employees – all of these web interphases without quality protection – open hackers’ doors to all internal processes in the company. Therefore, the question of security software for business arises. 

It is important to understand that digital safety is a process. If you can’t install something today, buy a magical button that will protect all your data, information of your friends, colleagues, etc. You will constantly learn about threats and new tools that appear – you use something and something not. Thus, modern companies implement complex security infrastructure using antiviruses and firewalls.

Antiviruses, like viruses, consist of modules that, unlike pests, are responsible for computer safety at different levels:

  • An advanced antiviral scanner – is responsible for identifying and removing threats from your computer.
  • No less important is the firewall, which tracks all network traffic, protecting the computer from unwanted hackers.
  • Antiransomware module is responsible for protecting against encrypting software – Ransomware – in a good antivirus program that flawlessly detects and inhibits the work of this type of threat.
  • The spam protection module removes irritating spam messages, and protection against use protects your computer from cybercrime actions that operate operating systems.
  • It is also worth mentioning the data backup function, protection against bank Troyan attacks (protecting bank payments made in a web browser), and a parental control module that allows you to control the content that your child views on the Internet.

Computers, smartphones, and tablets often are the purpose of various cyberattacks. The company is trying to protect these final points with antiviruses, although they are not enough for effective cybersecurity. Therefore, modern antiviral software is used comprehensively with other solutions.

Why do businesses use firewalls?

When working on the network, it is important to protect information from unauthorized access by intruders trying to access your computer on a local network or the Internet (attacks of hackers, viruses, spam, etc.). For this reason, local networks of banks, defense enterprises, and commercial firms need means to prohibit penetration from the outside. As such, protection tools are widely used, including firewall screens. It is a system that allows you to divide the network into two or more parts and implement rules that determine the conditions for passing information from one part of the network to another.

The firewall controls the input and output traffic of a computer or LAN, allows you to cut out almost all types of network attacks, restricts advertising (blocking banners, advertising scripts, pop-ups, etc.), do not provide “alien” servers’ information about the computer, stop work Viruses-Tyan and removed administration. The firewall is necessary with a constant connection to the Internet, as it records all illegal attempts to access information and signals situations that require an immediate response.

Firewalls have become the management center of the company. Thanks to this, the manager will be able to control a single system centrally and distribute a single security policy to all company devices at the same time

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