Most dog owners, especially small breeds, know that their pets do not tolerate the cold very well. Surely in the wardrobe of the dog, there are winter boots and more than one warm jumpsuit. But what about the transition period – in early spring, cold autumn or cool summer evenings? In this weather, your pet will warm a sweatshirt. Also, a wide variety of styles can easily turn your dog into a pretty mod. Read about all this in the dog hoodies review.

Choose a sweatshirt for a dog according to the materials

Materials, color, model, style – all this affects the choice of clothes. Most hoodies are made of dense materials that protect well from the cold. More often use velour, fleece, plush, cotton, wool, polyester or acrylic as the top layer.

The lining can be, for example, the same plush and fleece, knitwear or mesh. Regardless of the material, make sure that the doggie is comfortable in such clothes, and the inner fabric is made of hypoallergenic material and does not cause skin irritation.

Sweatshirts are often worn over the head, but there are options with fasteners. The fastener is selected, as a rule, for the convenience of the owner. However, breeds with long hair should not buy Velcro and zipper clothing. Buttons or buttons will not trap wool. Also, not all dogs favor the hood. No, nothing dangerous or harmful, just do not like everything.

Of course, every owner wants his dog to look the best. With this, there will be no difficulties, because in our store a large selection of all kinds of colors and models of clothes is presented. Bright or calm colors. The club, sports or classic sweatshirts. Yes, and just funny models that turn your pet into a cute bunny, teddy bear or mouse.

Rules for measuring dog clothes

So, to find the right hoodie, follow these rules:

  1. Measure the dog only while standing.
  2. Try to measure volumes in the widest places.
  3. If the measured data is between sizes, then choose a larger size.
  4. Choose the size, taking into account the model that you choose.
  5. When choosing a size, be guided by the length of the back!
  6. To determine your chest size, measure the widest part of your dog’s chest. Usually, it is located immediately behind the front legs. When determining the size, it is recommended to add 2-4 cm to the resulting volume for free running around.

To determine the volume of the neck, measure the widest part of the neck. Usually, the girth of the neck is equal to the size of the collar.

To determine the length of the back, make sure that your dog is level, not sitting, not lying. Measure the length of the spine from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. The main parameter for determining the size of the dog’s clothes is the length of the back.

In Pet Store, a wide range of spring, winter, autumn, and demi-season warmed sweatshirts of all kinds of colors and styles. Here you will be helped to choose clothes for dogs of any breeds and sizes – small decorative, medium and even large. Loving owners know that a sweatshirt is not a fashion accessory, but, first of all, protecting the dog from the cold, when it is too late to wear summer clothes, and it is not yet time to wear winter clothes.