We have already conducted a general analysis of the most popular antivirus in 2019, finding out all their pros and cons. The results of this test you can see in this brief review. We decided to look at them in more detail to determine the best free antivirus. So let’s get started!

Antivirus Selection Criteria

Of course, to identify the best software to protect the computer, we analyzed the most popular antivirus software by the following criteria:

Another criterion is the appointment of an antivirus. The fact is that some security software is great for businesses and corporations, while some ones are best for personal computers.

Therefore, in order to compile a detailed rating of the best antiviruses for each need, we need several detailed reviews. But in general terms, we can talk about antivirus software from the golden mean.

The Best Antiviruses According to Ratings and Reviews

After reading a lot of ratings and testing the security software on our own, we have compiled our top rated antivirus 2019.

Avast Antivirus. It has long and firmly ranked the highest TOP rankings. The reason for such trust is quite understandable: it is a free and manageable antivirus, with optimal functionality and low requirements. This is a great option for a home computer with its password protection and Wi-Fi, as well as with the game mode.

Kaspersky Antivirus. This is a classic among antiviruses. The program provides online protection and has the necessary functionality to ensure the security of your PC against the introduction of malicious code.

360 Total Security. China decided to please users with a multifunctional antivirus that runs on different engines. At the same time, the software has its individual firewall, universal functionality, and optimizer. All that you need for a personal computer.

Bitdefender. Antivirus, which has nothing superfluous. The interface is minimalistic and clear even for a beginner in software. The software does not load your PC and performs its functions reliably.

Panda Antivirus. A relatively new product that can provide such an option as a collective scan. The program can also perform a pre-analysis of flash drives. However, it is worth remembering that this program only works when connected to the Internet.

ESET NOD32. A well-known protective complex that detects almost any kind of threat. Cloud analysis uses proprietary technology LiveGrid. As well as Panda can make pre-check flash drives. In addition, there is a file shredder function.

AVG. This program is ideal for active surfing on the Internet. The software is able to scan the system using 5 different algorithms and carefully checks the visited pages for the presence of threats. In addition, the program also has the properties of a file shredder.

Norton Security. One of the newest solutions in the protection of computer systems. A new hunter for malicious software was introduced in April 2019. The program runs on the latest engine, automatically scans for PCs and even easily finds lost or stolen smartphones and tablets. The program is great for Windows 10.

To Sum Up

Every year, antiviruses are improved, trying not to give the latest spyware and viruses to harm computers. Antiviruses can vary in functionality and features. They may be paid or available for free. In any case, the modern user will find what suits him the most. Such protection software as Avast, Kaspersky and 360 Security have long occupied top positions in the ratings. These products do not lose their leadership positions due to their quality, reliability and updated functionality.

However, there are also such antiviruses as Norton, Panda or Bitdefender, which are no worse than classic programs.

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